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ABC Computers offers new and used system sales, repair, upgrades and accessories for any PC user. We also provide premium business services such as, networking, consulting, onsite system maintenance plans and even insurance claim reporting to keep your office running at top speed. We also provide technical support for Internet Services.

Experience and Stability

We have the experience and the stability you can trust. We've been in the same location for 13 years. We are always challenged by changes in technology. That is why our business motto is "On the edge of technology." Our technicians are Microsoft Certified and our shop is an authorized AT&T Solutions Provider.

Anti-Virus and Security Issues

Two big issues in the computing world right now are viruses and personal and business information security. Viruses, malware, and adware can rob your system of speed and performance, while more malicious trojans can hijack your computer, use it to send other viruses and allow hackers to steal personal and financial information. New viruses are released almost daily and it takes a while for anti-virus programs to catch up. We recommend bringing your computer in for a checkup to see if your machine is infected. We do a thorough scan, remove any viruses and give then entire system a tune up. We can also recommend some improvements and upgrades to keep your system running at peak performance.

Improving Speed and Performance

Everyone hates a sluggish computer, especially in today's high speed world filled with multi-media, music, graphics, games and more. Multi-tasking is a must and some systems just were not built to handle the paces we put them through. New programs take more memory than ever. Older systems can be speeded up considerably with more RAM memory, a larger hard drive and newer components like sound cards, video drivers and the latest USB ports. Before purchasing a new system let us check to see if an upgrade can make a difference and save you money.


New and Used
System Sales

Multi-Media- Music
Office Networking

Don't settle for "out-of-the-box" performance.  Get what you want and need with a custom-built system designed to do what you need it to do.

Repair and Upgrades
Slow Computer?

 Newer programs take more memory. Viruses rob you of  resources and steal personal information.  Tuning up your computer and upgrading some components can give you better overall computing experience. Consider an upgrade before purchasing a new system.

Business Services

We offer professional grade services to local businesses, including: servers and work stations, wireless networking, onsite repair and maintenance and contracted services for total system upkeep.


Look to ABC Computers for:

Computer Sales:  New and used systems
Custom Built Systems for home or office: Get exactly what you need for the job you want to do.
Computer Repair: All brands new and used systems.
Upgrades: Make your system move faster and work harder with more memory and large drives.
Networking: Make your office or home more efficient with a network.
Contract Services for Businesses: Keep your systems at peak performance with regular maintenance. Plus, We're "on call" when you have a system crash. 
Consulting: Have an upcoming  project? Building or remodeling an office?  Expanding a business? We can help you save time and money.
Insurance Claim Processing Services: If your computer is covered by insurance we'll help you file your claims.
Service Calls: On site and in our office.
Earthlink 24/7 Technical Support: 800-890-6356

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