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Adrian Chamber of Commerce!

The Adrian Chamber of Commerce was formed in 2001 with a very enthusiastic group of business people. The first meetings to plan the formation of the “new” Chamber were held in the Adrian Bank. We took great advantage of the Adrian Bank’s generosity and wonderful refreshments.  It was evident by the second gathering that a Chamber would be formed. Annual Chamber Expo

Randy Pike was elected to be our first president with Phyllis Bunch, Julie Gilman, Steve Hubbard, and Don Arndt serving as board members.

We incorporated 4/25/2001 and started off with several plans to promote business in Adrian.

Almost immediately we decided to have a special gathering of business owners come to different businesses once a month taking turns for the locations. These meetings would basically consist of refreshments and trading ideas. Always starting early before opening times and ending so everyone could get to their business. These were known as “Business About Town” or BAT meetings.

 By 2003 membership had grown to over 80 members and we were held our 2nd Annual Spring Banquette.  A new Chamber Web site was designed and put into use. The new Adrian Community Library had been the brain child of the Chamber of Commerce and had become a reality. The new library board was formed/appointed by the C of C board and became a true success to be proud of.

By 2007 the Chamber was sponsoring many new events around the community too numerous to mention. The chamber has been a tremendous shot in the arm for the small town of Adrian Missouri and the future looks bright for both the town and the Chamber.

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