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Welcome to ACS:

We would like to assist you with your computer needs. The following are some of the specials that you will find in our store.


This month we have seven NEW 1TB desktop hard disks up for sale at $35.00 ea. First come, first served



Repairing your computer is usually more cost effective than buying a new or refurbished system. We can replace hard disks, DVD players, memory, power supplies and more. We charge cost plus $5.00 for parts, plus $25.00 for labor. We charge $5.00 plus cost for software, and labor is negotiated before installation. Special orders are no problem, but we request 50% down payment at the time of order.

Repairs can also include removing viruses, and replacing corrupted software so that your computer runs at its best. The charge for this service is $75. Most of the time (99%) malware can be removed without losing any of your documents or information. If the operating system gets so corrupted that it has to be replaced, the user information can be backed up and restored to the repaired computer for $50. In all cases, we will discuss the repair cost and get approval before starting the repair. Sticker shock is not an option at Adrian Computer Services.

We can also do board level repairs (desoldering bad components and replacing them with new, good ones). Quite often old circuit boards have capacitors that have swelled and ruptured. Mother boards and monitors are very prone to this. If the circuit board is still in the computer, we charge $50. If the circuit board has been removed from the computer, we charge $30. The charge includes the cost of up to five new capacitors.


Often, users think that they might have a virus because their computer runs very slowly.  This could be true, but it is also caused by several other things that are easily corrected. 

Memory is the workspace that your programs run in (like a workshop for your computer).  The more memory you have installed, the faster the computer will run (within limits).  This is because when the program runs out of work space, it shifts some of the memory contents to a swap space on the hard disk, so that it has enough space to continue working.  Although windows will operate with less, I recommend 2GB of memory in an XP machine, 4GB of memory in a Vista machine, and 2GB+ memory in a Windows 7 computer.  The maximum amount of memory a 32-bit system can use is 4GB, and a 64-bit system can use as much as you can put into it (restricted by the specifications of the computer).  Memory is fairly inexpensive, usually $25-$30 per module.

Hard disks are the storage space for computer programs and information.  The smaller the hard disk capacity, the quicker you run out of space to put your pictures, music, and documents.  A hard disk requires at least 15-20 percent free space to operate efficiently.  Hard disk prices are generally in the $65 to $100 for internal disks, and a little higher for external units.
Other upgrades are also available to bring your system up to leading edge standards.










About ACS:

Although ACS has only been in business since June, 2012, the owner, John Nagle, has been working with computers since 1982 (yes that’s 30+ years).  He is a member of the VFW, has two Microsoft certifications, and has worked at Computers Dot Com in Grandview for the preceding two years.  Before that he worked as a programmer/analyst, software tester, and field service engineer.  He has main-frame and network experience.  He wrote the bulletin-board software for a CP/M system before IBM had a PC.  He was an electronics technician in the Navy, working on submarine radar and sonar equipment.  He writes weekly articles for the Adrian Journal, trying to help make sense of all the fast changing gadgets in today’s modern world.  His goal, and that of Adrian Computer Services, is to provide reliable, cost-effective computer service and support.

You may reach him at (816) 297-4251 or by email at ACS64720@gmail.com.

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