Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I recently gave a presentation in Microsoft Word that included a Microsoft Excel worksheet. I used a separate handout for the Excel portion. I was told that I could have inserted the worksheet into Word. How do I do that?
A: Highlight the area of the Excel worksheet that you want to include in the document. Press Ctrl + C to copy it. In the Word document, press Ctrl + V. At the bottom right corner of the Excel information, there is Paste Options. Click the down arrow. Two of the options include the words "and link to Excel." Select one of them, depending on the look you want. Because you're creating a link between the two files, changes in the Excel worksheet automatically will be reflected in the Word document. One caveat: If you change the name of either file or move either one to a different location, the link will be broken.
Q: I sometimes include Microsoft Word documents in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. I always cut and paste, but the slide looks strange. Is there a better way?
A: Try inserting the Word document into the presentation. First, open a blank slide. Select Insert and Object. In the scroll box, highlight Microsoft Word. Select Create from file and browse to locate the document. Click it and click OK. Click OK to close the window. The document is inserted into your slide. Click anywhere on empty space to embed the document. To edit the document, right-click on the document in the slide. Then click Document Object and Edit. You can insert more than Word documents; among other things, PowerPoint accepts Excel worksheets, Adobe Photoshop images and even other PowerPoint slides.
Q: Is it true that all documents you create with Microsoft Word contain your name hidden in the file? That really concerns me.
A: By clicking File and Properties, the recipient of a Word document may find your and your firm's names on the Summary tab. To prevent personal information from showing up, click Tools and Options and selecting the Security tab. Check the box next to "Remove personal information from the file on save." That takes care of the file that's currently open. To make the change in all files, find the file. This is a template used by Word. Open it and then select Tools, Options and the Security tab. As before, check the box. Save the file for the change to take effect.

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