Computer Upgrades

Improving performance with more memory.

Many people don't realize that poor performance can usually be fixed easily.  Adding RAM memory to an out of the box or an older machine can increase speed and productivity.  Replacing the hard drive with a new high capacity drive can make a big difference also.

Adding new components to get the best experience possible.

With all the new multi-media rage, your computer has ceased to be a basic word processor and file manager.  Today we are watching videos and even TV right on your screen. We are editing, storing and sharing digital pictures, managing and listening to music and podcasts, burning music, data, CD's and DVD movies. Your old computer can handle many of the these tasks better with some new components. 

Hard Drives:  This is the  physical storage of your computer.  Older computers may have as little as 10 or 20 GB of storage.  Today, computers are coming out of the box with 80GB or even more.  There are two types of hard drives:  Internal and External.  All computers have an internal drive.  Today you can buy external ones to add on to your machine without having to open the box to install it.  These use a USB port to connect the hard drive to the computer and the external drive can be used on multiple machines to back up files or to serve programs.  Increasing the size of your hard drive or adding an external one can speed up your computer, make back-ups easier and allow you to do more than ever before.  Consider investing in a new hard drive.

CD and DVD Writers:  A few older computers have CD ROMS that play CD's but don't burn them.  A lot of computers have CD burners.  However, the present trend now and in the future is DVD burners.  You can get a lot more data on a DVD than on a CD.  A DVD burner will also burn CDs, so you have the best of both worlds.  If you need to archive data, store photos, share home movies or make music disks, a  DVD burner is a great upgrade.

Sound and Video Cards:  In our multi-media world files just keep getting bigger and bigger.  If you are an avid gamer you can improve performance, enhance sound and video quality by upgrading to a higher quality sound or video card.

Networking:  Networks are here and they are useful.  At home or office networks allow multiple computers to share an internet connection or connect to one another to make file sharing or access to a single printer possible.  There are wired networks that use ethernet cards and cables or wireless networks using a wireless router and wireless cards at each computer station or laptop.  ABC can help you set up any type of network for your home office.

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Don't settle for "out-of-the-box" performance.  Get what you want and need with a custom-built system designed to do what you need it to do.

Repair and Upgrades
Slow Computer?

 Newer programs take more memory. Viruses rob you of  resources and steal personal information.  Tuning up your computer and upgrading some components can give you better overall computing experience. Consider an upgrade before purchasing a new system.

Business Services

We offer professional grade services to local businesses, including: servers and work stations, wireless networking, onsite repair and maintenance, and contracted services for total system upkeep.



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